Simplify Communication and Save Costs With VoIP Phones

Enjoy crystal-clear calls and a system you can count on. Say goodbye to frustrating phone issues and costly repairs – VoIP offers the support you need to stay connected.

Our VoIP Phones = Your Communication Upgrade

Responsive Help Desk

Understanding Your Needs

You are not just another support ticket to our team. We take the time to truly listen, getting to know your business and the little details that make communication a breeze (or a headache!).
Consistent Customer Service

Custom-Built Solutions

No more clunky, broken or outdated systems. We’ll build a setup that works like magic for your team, making everyone’s work life easier and more connected.

Proactive Support

Expert Implementation

New tech can be overwhelming. That’s why we make the transition from your old phone system to VoIP feel easy. Plus, we’ll train your staff so they feel confident and excited about all the new possibilities.
Productivity Tools

Dedicated Local Support

No more frustrating call centers or getting lost in phone menus. We’re your friendly neighborhood tech experts – always ready to lend a hand and make sure your systems run smoothly.
Transparent, Inclusive Pricing

Long-Term Communication Partners

As your business grows and changes, we’ll make sure your phone system keeps up, so it always feels like a perfect fit. We’re here to support you every step of the way.

Get Communication That’s Smooth, Reliable and Just for You


Effortless Communication

Embrace a system that integrates seamlessly with Teams, has a user-friendly interface and converts voicemail to email, providing you with all the essential communication tools you need.

Swift Email Computer Help

The Human Touch

When you call our help desk about an issue, you’ll get real people who care about making your workday smoother. You’ll even enjoy a friendly conversation if we have to come on-site to troubleshoot.


Rapid Response

When troubleshooting call quality or phone problems, we’ll coordinate directly with your IT vendor or phone service provider to ensure swift resolution, allowing you to focus on your business activities.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We stand by our work, which means we’ll make sure your phone system is setup exactly the way we promised. If not, we’ll make the necessary adjustments hassle-free.

Customer Satisfaction

Hands-On Approach

Unlike larger competitors who may rush deployments and offer standardized setups post-agreement, we ensure thorough involvement throughout the process, from initial planning to final implementation.

We’re Your Ideal VoIP Phone System Provider If…

  • Your current phone system is more of a headache than a help, slowing down your business and making simple calls a drag.
  • You’re tired of feeling lost in the shuffle with big providers, wishing you could talk to someone who actually cares about your problems.
  • You want a communication partner who treats you like a friend, solves problems quickly, and makes your phone system easy to use.
  • You value support that’s warm, friendly, and goes above and beyond to ensure your workday runs smoothly.

Better Communication and Lower Costs Are Just 5 Steps Away

Initial Consultation

Initial Consultation

We begin with a thorough discussion to gather all relevant details about your current challenges, concerns, and the impact of communication disruptions on your business.

Customized Solution

Customized Solution

We customize a VoIP solution tailored to your needs, enhancing workflows with platform integrations, multi-location support, and advanced features to boost business efficiency.

Presentation of the Graffen Approach

Presentation of the Graffen Approach

We’ll show you exactly what it looks like to partner with Graffen. This includes how we’ll handle your communication needs, the benefits of our solutions, and the expected improvements in your daily operations.

Ordering and Implementation

Ordering and Implementation

Once the plan is set, we proceed with preparing and implementing your new phones. Our team ensures a smooth setup process, so you can start enjoying a more efficient communication system without any hassle.

Ongoing Support and Customization

Ongoing Support and Customization

Our commitment doesn’t end at implementation– our help desk is always ready to assist you. We provide ongoing support, further customization as your needs evolve, and regular strategy sessions.

Graffen: Your Communication Partner, Not Just Another Provider

When you choose Graffen, you gain a partner genuinely invested in your communication success. Unlike larger competitors who often provide generic, hastily prepared solutions, we prioritize a personalized approach. We ensure every aspect of your VoIP system is meticulously tailored to enhance your operational efficiency and align with your specific business needs.

For example, a local museum customer, who leverages our comprehensive IT, security, copiers, and VoIP services, transitioned from an outdated phone system to a fully integrated network solution. This upgrade significantly improved communication across the organization, enhancing the experience for both staff and visitors. Similarly, a school struggling with an inadequate budget and a failing network received a transformative upgrade from Graffen, enabling seamless communication between buildings and personnel. In both cases, our deep involvement and customized solutions made a substantial difference, demonstrating why choosing Graffen means opting for a partner that understands and effectively addresses your unique challenges.

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