Smoother Office Operations Start With Managed Print Services

Frustrated by unreliable printers and constant supply hassles? We understand how disruptive these issues can be – whether you have just a few printers or hundreds. Let us streamline your printing infrastructure, ensuring maximum efficiency and uninterrupted operations – so you can focus on the heart of your business.

Managed Print Services for a Seamless Workflow


Proactive Monitoring & Support

We’ll keep a close eye on your printers, anticipating issues before they cause downtime. Whether you have a couple machines or dozens, we provide quick solutions to keep you productive.

Automated Toner Fulfillment

Eliminate the worry (and hassle) of running out of toner. Our system proactively orders and ships supplies, ensuring uninterrupted printing.

Expert Technical Assistance

From paper jams to complex malfunctions, our experienced team offers reliable on-site support to get your printers back in action.

Optimized Printer Fleet

We’ll analyze your print environment to ensure the right printers are in the right places, maximizing efficiency and reducing costs.
Support From Familiar Faces

Environmentally Responsible Printing

We’re committed to helping you reduce waste with supply recycling and strategies to optimize your print output.
Collaborative Solution Design

Cost Control

Gain a clear understanding of your printing costs and identify areas for savings with our comprehensive oversight and streamlined operations.

Streamline Your Work Week With Graffen

Eliminate Frustrations

Eliminate Frustrations

Say goodbye to irritating printer troubles that interrupt your workflow. We’ll handle all the technicalities, giving you back the freedom to focus on your day.

White-Glove Support

White-Glove Support

Our white-glove customer service guarantee includes friendly, familiar faces, quick response times, and proactive supply fulfillment.

Trustworthy Supplies

Trustworthy Supplies

Not only are our machines world-class quality, we work hard to make sure your toner always arrives on time so you never run out.

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Offload Issues to Us

Your staff never has to worry about fixing or troubleshooting your printers. Just give our friendly team a call and we’ll handle all aspects of your printer fleet.

We’re Your Ideal Managed Print Services Provider If…

  • You’re tired of printer malfunctions disrupting your workday.
  • You’re constantly scrambling to find toner before it runs out.
  • You’re overwhelmed trying to manage your printer fleet efficiently.
  • You feel like just another number with your current print provider.
  • You want to cut printing costs without compromising quality.

Efficient Workdays Are Three Steps Away

Initial Consultation

Initial Consultation

Let’s talk about your printer issues. We want to hear about those frustrating moments, supply mishaps, and your desirefor hassle-free printing.

Customized Solutions

Customized Solutions

We’ll take everything you’ve shared and create a plan that solves your printer headaches, streamlines your workflow, and makes supplies a non-issue.

Implementation & Beyond

Implementation & Beyond

We’ll get your new systems up and running with minimal fuss. But most importantly, we’re here for the long haul – we’re your ongoing printer support team, always ready to help.

The Graffen Advantage: Printing Peace of Mind & Personalized Support

We know you have many choices when it comes to print services. What sets Graffen apart is our genuine care for your business. We’re not just another tech company – we’re your local team of Philadelphia-based experts, familiar faces who truly want to make your workdays easier. We are your reliable printing partners, always working behind the scenes to ensure smooth operations and anticipate your needs.

With Graffen, you can finally say goodbye to printer worries. We understand that printing problems can’t always wait, and sometimes those problems are completely unexpected. For example, we had a client at a substance abuse inpatient center whose high-production printer was damaged. Knowing their work couldn’t stop, we delivered a loaner machine within the hour, ensuring uninterrupted operations. That’s the Graffen difference – proactive solutions, swift action, and a commitment to minimizing disruptions for your business.