Maximize Your Mission’s Impact With Graffen’s Nonprofit IT Support

Your mission is too important to be slowed down by tech problems. Graffen is your trusted partner for nonprofit IT support, providing the reliable technology and proactive solutions you need to focus on what truly matters: making a lasting impact on the lives you serve.

5 Ways Graffen’s IT Support Services Empower Nonprofits

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Focus on Your True Calling

We know your time is precious. Let us handle IT complexities, from software updates to cybersecurity, so you can dedicate your time to serving your community.

Maximize Your Resources

We understand every dollar counts. Our experts optimize your IT spending and identify cost-saving opportunities, allowing you to invest more in your mission.


Safeguard Volunteer & Participant Data

We employ industry-leading practices to safeguard your confidential information, including data from your volunteers and program participants, ensuring its integrity. You can rest assured that your data is in safe hands, accessible whenever and wherever you need it.

Embrace the Future of Technology, Today

Outdated systems can hold you back. Let’s modernize your technology, so your team can operate efficiently, collaborate seamlessly, and adapt to whatever comes next.

Empower Your Team, Elevate Their Work

We go beyond tech support, offering comprehensive training and resources to help your staff become proficient and confident users of the new tools. By empowering your team with the right knowledge and skills, we elevate their work and foster a culture of innovation and growth.

Our Experience Working With Organizations Just Like Yours

At Graffen, we’ve had the privilege of fostering lasting partnerships with numerous nonprofits in Philadelphia, supporting their journey of making a meaningful impact. We understand the unique technology landscape that nonprofits navigate, from the intricacies of grant requirements to the importance of maximizing every resource.

Our expertise extends far beyond simply providing IT support. We’ve helped countless organizations optimize their operations through strategic software choices, cost-saving purchasing agreements, and productivity-enhancing tools. We’ve offered guidance to boards, ensuring their technology decisions align with their mission and values. And we’ve built robust, reliable systems that support critical initiatives, empowering nonprofits to focus on what matters most—serving their communities.

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We’re Your Ideal Nonprofit IT Support Provider If…

  • You’re passionate about your mission, but tech headaches are holding you back.
  • You need a partner who understands your budget constraints.
  • Your data security is paramount, but you don’t have in-house expertise.
  • You want to embrace technology that truly supports your mission.

Get the Technology and Support Your Community Deserves

At Graffen, we recognize the unique challenges faced by nonprofits in Philadelphia, striving not only to provide IT support, but to forge partnerships that amplify and extend your reach. With a deep understanding of the financial constraints and technological complexities in this sector, we excel in delivering cost-effective solutions, such as facilitating grants and providing access to nonprofit pricing models for essential software. Our success stories include implementing a robust infrastructure for a local library to make its digital archives globally accessible, ensuring reliability with comprehensive backup and disaster recovery solutions.

We go beyond basic technical support by enhancing communication and volunteer recruitment with customized IT solutions, allowing you to engage more effectively with the community. From transitioning a nonprofit to a fully hosted Microsoft environment—significantly cutting costs and improving scalability—to providing ongoing support tailored to the needs of both small and large organizations, our dedicated team is deeply invested in your success. Choose Graffen as your IT partner in Philadelphia and focus on what matters most—advancing your mission.

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