Efficiency Redefined: World-Class Copiers & Printers That Deliver

We get it — outdated printers and unreliable copiers can throw a major wrench in your day. Our expert team not only quickly fixes any machine troubles, but offers world-class products and a steadfast commitment to professionalism—maintaining your workflow without missing a beat.

Proven Solutions for Smoother Operations


World-Class Equipment

We know what it feels like to want to throw your machines out the window when they don’t work. Our goal is to take that tech stress away with equipment you can count on – day in, day out.


Next-Level Response Time

If something goes awry, we can typically be on-site within the same day to fix your machines. Expect clear updates and friendly guidance until everything is running as it should be.

Personable Experts

Ever feel like you need a tech-to-human translator? Our team gets it! We’ll ditch the jargon and solve your problems in a way that makes sense, adding a smile along the way.

Consistent Professionalism

We’re committed to delivering consistent high-quality customer service, with professionalism at the heart of all we do. You’ll receive dedicated support that’s as reliable as it is heartfelt.
Support From Familiar Faces

Support From Familiar Faces

Tired of explaining your setup over and over? We’ll get to know you and your office, building a real partnership that makes troubleshooting calls a breeze.

Your Workflow and Office, Upgraded!

Cutting-Edge Integration

Cutting-Edge Integration

Customers appreciate the seamless integration of our printers and copiers with modern technologies like scanning directly to SharePoint and hosted storage solutions.

Enhanced Security

Enhanced Security

With the latest advancements, our devices offer robust security features that customers trust to keep their sensitive documents safe.

Cost-Effective Solutions

Cost-Effective Solutions

Our competitive pricing, coupled with unparalleled support, makes our printer and copier solutions a favorite among cost-conscious businesses.

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Reliable Uptime

The dependability of our products ensures that businesses stay operational, avoiding costly downtime that can hinder performance.

Support-Driven Productivity

Support-Driven Productivity

Clients experience a surge in productivity and efficiency, thanks to our dedicated support team that keeps their printing and copying procedures running smoothly.

We’re Your Go-To Copier & Printer Machine Supplier If…

  • You’re overpaying for copier functions you don’t use and want a solution that fits just right.
  • You’re waiting too long for copier service responses and crave quicker, more efficient support.
  • You’re dissatisfied with your current vendor and seek a provider that values your business.
  • You’re intent on cutting unnecessary costs and need a partner who ensures you don’t overpay.
  • You value personal connection and prefer a live, friendly voice ready to assist with your IT needs.

Our Partners

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Our Process: Finding Tech Solutions That Simplify Your Workday

Initial Consultation

Initial Consultation

Tell us about the copier and printer machines that make you want to scream, the long hold times, and your vision for a smoother, stress-free office.

Customized Solutions

Customized Solutions

We’ll take all that you’ve told us and design a solution plan that resolves the technology issues that interrupt your day.

Implementation & Beyond

Implementation & Beyond

We’ll set up your new equipment with minimal distractions. But our work’s not done there! We’re here to provide ongoing support, always ready to answer questions and make things right.

Graffen: Solving Problems for Philadelphia Businesses for 60+ Years

In Philadelphia, Graffen stands out for copier and printer solutions with our unrivaled customer-centric approach. Bypass the frustration of navigating large dealer networks; with Graffen, you gain immediate access to managers and decision-makers who are committed to resolving your issues quickly. Whether it’s an unexpected malfunction or a sudden need for toner, we respond with an agility unheard of in the corporate alternatives like Xerox, often arriving within an hour to ensure your business never skips a beat. Our office is staffed every day by experts ready to assist you, eliminating the usual wait times and ensuring that you’re always just a phone call away from a live professional.

Where others see a support ticket, we see an opportunity to strengthen your trust in us, exemplified by our proactive service during crunch times such as tax season. When a client’s machine faltered, we didn’t just provide a loaner; we deployed an IT specialist to seamlessly integrate the device into their network, minimizing disruption. It’s this combination of rapid, hands-on assistance and our ethos of going the extra mile that makes Graffen the clear choice for businesses that value efficiency and personal service.

The Graffen Guarantees

Rapid Response
For years, we’ve offered quick and complete support. If you’re anxious, just call and talk with our family and ask for a priority response.
Tiered Color System

Pay based on how much toner is used, not for the whole page.

Green Graffen
We provide programs to help recycle your printing consumables.
Ongoing Training for Your Company
We understand that your staff or requirements change, so we offer unlimited and ongoing training for your users.
2 Year Replacement Guarantee
We’ll replace your machine with a new model if yours doesn’t perform to specifications.
Local Support
You can always call and talk with a live team member or Supervisor to discuss your concerns.
Fresh from the Factory Supplies
Get the best quality parts and supplies with your support agreement.
Fixed Cost, Short-Term & Long-Term

All around options for your business.

Copy Credits
Don’t pay for copies/prints made while we service your copier.
Loaner Machines
We’ll deliver and network a loaner copier if we can’t repair your device in reasonable amount of time.
Connectivity Support
Our IT team is available to help troubleshoot printing and scanning issues.
No Bull Support
What else is there? We’ll do a thorough job, without any fuss.