Managed IT Services & Technology for Golf and Private Clubs

Private golf clubs might not face the same cybersecurity regulations as other industries, but with the financial transactions and member data they handle daily, top-notch IT support is crucial. Safeguard your members’ sensitive financial information with Graffen’s robust security measures, so you can focus on building relationships while your members tee off with complete peace of mind.

We Recognize and Solve Your Challenges

At Graffen, we offer customized managed IT services and provide a thorough, white-glove treatment for technology solutions, crafted for the distinct needs of your golf or private club. In the elite world of private clubs, frequented by prominent and influential members, the stakes are exceptionally high.

The right technology solutions not only make your club operations more efficient — they’re crucial for protecting the privacy and security of your members. Our collaboration with Golf Association of Philadelphia has enriched our insight into the requirements and obstacles your club faces, revealing a significant issue: many clubs are unaware of the weaknesses in their IT systems, which puts sensitive member data, from credit card information to personal details, at risk of being compromised.

Let’s protect the integrity of your club together.


Create a Thriving Community Backed by Reliable Technology

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Graffen ensures that every aspect of club operations is secure, protecting sensitive data such as reservations, payments, and member information from cyberattacks and breaches. Our comprehensive security measureshelp maintain privacy and uphold your club’s reputation.

Strategy & Consulting

Strategy & Consulting

Acting as more than just a break-fix IT provider, Graffen provides strategic consulting services. This involves planning IT strategies that align with the goals of your club, helping to optimize operations and improve the overall member and staff experience.
Club Management Software Support

Club Management Software Support

We’ll work on your behalf to ensure that your membership and club software run smoothly. This means working with your software vendors when it comes to troubleshooting, updates, and ensuring seamless integration with other systems, enabling staff to focus on service rather than technical issues.
Clubhouse Wi Fi Strategy

Clubhouse Wi-Fi Strategy

Recognizing the importance of reliable and secure club Wi-Fi, Graffen develops and installs custom solutions for your membership. These strategies are designed so that your events, meetings and parties have comprehensive coverage and security.

Spring Opening Day

When preparing the pool, tennis and golf areas for spring and summer, our team will assist on the IT side so that your staff is ready for members when that day arrives. This includes technology planning and strategizing for these areas, while updating and testing PCs and POS systems ahead of opening day.

Golf Productivity Tools

Golf Productivity Tools

Graffen’s technology strategy and consulting services will help you choose and deploy tools that enhance the productivity of Golf Operations, such as scheduling systems for tee times, and scoring and member communication. These tools help streamline operations and improve the playing experience for members.
video survillence

Video Surveillance

To enhance security around the club premises, we install and maintain video surveillance systems. These systems are crucial for monitoring clubhouse activities, parking lots, and remote areas, providing a safer environment for members and staff.
Copiers & Managed Print Services

Copiers & Managed Print Services

Graffen’s world-class copiers and managed print services ensure efficient, cost-effective printing solutions to enhance your workflow and create an efficient office environment.

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VoIP Phones

We customize, install, and maintain VoIP phone systems, providing crystal-clear, reliable communication solutions that keep staff connected and operations smooth.

Graffen Is Proud To Partner With Golf Association of Philadelphia


“We are thrilled that Graffen has become the official IT provider of GAP. Our love for golf and technology allows us to support GAP and its mission to promote the game of golf in the region,” said Jeff Grimes, President & CEO of Graffen Business Systems. “Our goal is to provide top-notch technology support, security and strategy for local clubs and organizations, helping to create more opportunities for individuals to enjoy the sport. We are excited to see what future seasons hold.”

We’re Your Ideal IT Support Provider If…

  • You want your members to enjoy their experience without worrying about the security of their personal information.
  • You want your staff to focus on making your customers happy, not troubleshooting tech issues.
  • You seek a technology partner who understands the needs of golf and private clubs and can provide you with the right solutions.
  • You’re ready to embrace technology that enhances your member experience and streamlines your operations.
  • You’re looking for a long-term relationship with a trusted IT advisor who is invested in your success.

Our Experience Working With Clubs Just Like Yours

At Graffen, we understand that golf and private country clubs are vibrant communities where members connect, relax, and create lasting memories. Drawing from our partnership with Golf Association of Philadelphia, we’ve gained deep insights into the distinct requirements of this industry, allowing us to tailor our services to enhance and protect the member experience.

Clubs are multifaceted operations, extending far beyond the fairways and clubhouses. That’s why our IT support is all-inclusive, covering every department that contributes to the club’s operation.

By integrating seamlessly into your community, Graffen does more than just resolve tech issues. We proactively protect member data, streamline operations, and develop IT solutions that elevate the overall club experience. As your IT support partner, we are dedicated to helping your club remain secure and thriving, ensuring that every touchpoint with members is seamless, secure, and enjoyable.

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Golf Operations

Ensure proper connectivity so that scores can be posted and shared quickly and effectively

Racquet Sports, Pool / Aquatics, and Fitness

Ensure that scheduling and member engagement tools are always up and running
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Maintenance / Agronomy

Proactive support to ensure their critical technology functions throughout the day

Food and Beverage (F&B)

IT solutions to optimize POS and communication systems, ensuring the proper member

Finance & Administration

Safeguard sensitive data and improve overall operational efficiency