Gain More Time to Focus on Your Patients

Rediscover the joy of patient care, unburdened by manual documentation. Graffen’s medical dictation technologies and services empower you to effortlessly transform your spoken words into accurate patient narratives and documentation, freeing you to focus on what truly matters: you and your patients’ well-being.

Enhance Opportunities for Compassionate Care with Graffen


Customized Technology Integration

Whether you’re a solo practitioner or part of a large outpatient clinic or hospital network, Graffen has the ideal solutions to elevate your practice by streamlining your workflow, minimizing errors and ensuring timely, complete, accessible patient encounters and documentation that supports informed decision-making and optimal patient outcomes.
Consistent Customer Service

Tailored Installation and Expert Support

Graffen offers customized installation and superior support, unlike many competitors who may prioritize cost over quality. Our dedicated team, including seasoned specialists, ensures that each client receives personalized consultation and recommendations to enhance efficiency within their practices.
Streamlined Efficiency

Comprehensive Service Provider

As a full-service provider, we deliver not only the leading technologies in speech recognition but also boast extensive IT expertise. Our team is equipped to deploy, support, train and maintain these solutions, ensuring they perfectly match your needs for maximum return on investment.
Productivity Tools

Advanced Productivity Solutions

Graffen partners with top-tier software and hardware developers to provide cutting-edge technological solutions. These are designed to streamline documentation processes, reduce effort and enhance convenience, helping professionals complete critical tasks swiftly and accurately.

Unmatched Uptime and Reliability

Our managed network services leverage deep intellectual capital to offer robust solutions, whether premise-based or cloud-based. This results in exceptional uptime and reliability for our clients, supporting their critical daily operations without interruption.
Communication Removes Confusion

Dedicated and Integrated Support Team

Graffen’s support goes beyond the norm with a trained staff that is integrated with our help desk. This setup ensures rapid response times and over-communication, so clients always receive the best possible support based on established best practices.

Streamline Your Workflow, Focus on Your Patients

Graffen’s medical dictation solutions adapt to your unique workflow, giving you more time for the human connections that make the healthcare field rewarding. Our intuitive technology empowers medical professionals to:

enhanced productivity and reduced errors

Optimize workflows for enhanced productivity and reduced errors

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Experience peace of mind with reliable and secure technology

speech recognition

Utilize advanced speech recognition with Dragon Medical One (DMO) & 3M Solventum Fluency Direct for unparalleled accuracy, security and reliability

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Save time with innovative features such as auto text and customizable templates for quick navigation

customizable dictionaries and vocabularies

Tailor your experience with customizable dictionaries and vocabularies to suit specific medical terminologies


Enjoy seamless EHR compatibility, ensuring that documentation integrates effortlessly with your health records system

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Benefit from profile portability, allowing consistent usage across multiple locations and devices

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Access dictation technology on the go with iOS and Android applications for wireless input

Artificial Intelligence

Enhance documentation quality and speed with Artificial Intelligence that learns and adapts to each provider’s unique style and needs

We’re Your Ideal Dictation Solution Provider If…

  • You’re tired of wrestling with outdated medical documentation processes.
  • You’re frustrated by the constant pressure of deadlines and charting that encroaches on patient care.
  • You crave a flexible work environment that prioritizes both efficiency and personalized care.
  • You’re ready for technology that seamlessly integrates into your practice, without the need for constant IT support.
  • You strive to stay ahead of the curve in healthcare technology, not constantly playing catch-up.

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Let’s Create a More Efficient and Patient-Focused Practice Together

Initial Consultation

Initial Consultation

We’ll take the time to understand your unique challenges, goals and patient care priorities so we can work to optimize your workflow and enhance patient satisfaction.

Product Demonstration

Product Demonstration

See firsthand how our specialized medical dictation tools can streamline your charting, reduce administrative burdens and create more time for meaningful patient interactions.

Personalized Plan

Personalized Plan

We’ll craft a customized plan tailored to your specific needs and budget, ensuring that the solution fits your practice seamlessly. Our goal is to empower you with the right tools and support to boost efficiency, reduce burnout and foster a thriving practice.

Implementation & Support

Implementation & Support

Leave the technical details to us. Our experienced team will handle everything from setup and training to ongoing support, allowing you to focus on what truly matters – delivering exceptional patient care.

With Graffen, Gain the Power of Flexibility, Accuracy and Efficiency

When choosing a medical dictation partner, healthcare organizations should prioritize expertise, reliability and a strong support system. Graffen stands out in these areas, offering unparalleled service grounded in nearly four decades of experience, particularly through our seasoned specialist, Brian, who has been with us for almost 40 years. Our team is recognized for its longevity and expertise, contributing to a culture of excellence and familiarity that extends to every client interaction.

At Graffen, we don’t just sell products – we provide comprehensive solutions and tools tailored to the unique needs of professionals in high-stakes environments such as healthcare. Our solutions are designed not merely to integrate technology but to transform workflows, enhance efficiency and improve the accuracy of essential documentation. This commitment to excellence is reflected in our perennial reputation as one of the top organizations nationwide for deploying, training and supporting advanced dictation and voice productivity tools.

Unlike competitors who may offer lowprices but lack substantial support, Graffen ensures that each client benefits from custom installations and robust, ongoing support and getting the most out of their investment. This approach not only saves time and reduces stress, but also optimizes the return on investment by improving operational efficiencies and accelerating revenue cycles. With Graffen, healthcare organizations gain a partner that truly enhances their ability to deliver compassionate care effectively and efficiently.

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