Businesses have re-thought the way they work by introducing the hybrid workplace model. This combination of working at home and in the office has given employees the ability to be flexible, while also increasing productivity. It has truly given employees the freedom to work from wherever they feel they can do their best work. Not only has hybrid work changed where we do our jobs, but it has also changed the demands and needs of the employees themselves.

Have you started to think about transitioning to a hybrid model? If you’re wondering how a hybrid work environment can benefit your business and employees, you’ve come to the right place. Here’s to re-thinking the way we work, with these awesome benefits of implementing a hybrid work environment:

Increased Productivity

There’s speculation that giving employees the ability to work from home might decrease productivity and cause downtime. You can scrap that thought because studies from Microsoft show that 82% of leaders indicated that their workers were as productive, if not more so when working from home. At home, employees can utilize their time better by avoiding commuting, idle chit chat or unnecessary distractions that they might come across when in the office. They can choose the best times to get their work done in an area that allows them to focus better. It’s proved that happier employees who are less stressed can produce better work.

Reduced Overhead Costs

A successful hybrid workplace model can help businesses cut down on costs that would normally add up if employees were in the office regularly. Costs are always a big consideration when it comes to structuring the workplace. Fortunately, by decreasing the amount of time (or employees) who come into the office, you can reduce your overhead costs by switching to a more affordable office workstation.

Expanded Talent Pool

Offering hybrid work can open your pool of talented employees that could work for you. As hybrid work becomes more and more popular, you’re going to find more people with experience looking to join your team. Don’t shy away from these opportunities because they could make all the difference for your business, employing the best of the best.

How We Can Help You Transition

Here at , we can help you make that transition to hybrid work. Whether you need a flexible office with reliable technology solutions, or you are looking to increase your cybersecurity solutions to better protect your data we have you covered. We love to empower your business so you can focus on doing what you do best. Let us handle your IT so you can work on making your employees shine. Don’t hesitate today— give us a call.

If you’d like to learn tips on how to better prepare your business for going hybrid, check out additional blogs in our resources section.


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