Many people see spring as a way to declutter, freshen up and give their living environment a clean slate. This is a good tactic to utilize when you want to consolidate, clean and get organized—especially when it comes to your tech. Putting a digital spin on spring cleaning is an essential task because it gives you the time to refresh and evaluate your IT infrastructure, which, in turn, can eliminate bad digital habits that can lead to recourse. Are you taking advantage of a digital clean-up?

Cluttered technology can have a negative impact on your network, which can lead to downtime. According to Forbes, 82 percent of companies have experienced unplanned downtime in the last three years? Is your business one of them? The reality is that wasted time can lead to wasted money. Having a healthy network is the backbone of your business, so it’s essential that your business technology is up-to-par and running smoothly. That’s why now is the perfect time to treat your business to a digital clean-up.

Get Your Digital Tech in Tip-Top Shape

Here’s five ways that you can easily clean up your business technology on your own.

1. Clean up your browser: Besides your passwords and favorite sites, your browser can also store tons of cookies. These are trackers that follow you from web page to web page and power the ads and content you see. Take the time to clear your cache, cookies and even internet history to speed up your browsing.

2. Delete old accounts you no longer use: When an employee leaves your company, what are you doing with those accounts? The more online accounts that your business has, the more at risk you are when hackers come knocking. With data breaches happening left and right, all your usernames and passwords are a hot commodity. Take the time to delete or deactivate accounts that are no longer applicable to your business. It could save your business to take a little extra time to do this.

3. Catalog your physical property: It’s easy to lose track of what you have and what needs to be retired. Keeping a physical log of your items can help you to declutter and assist you when you are in a digital clean-up mode. Keeping a catalogue of your hardware and technology equipment has tons of perks. It keeps you aware of when your equipment was purchased, when it needs maintenance and when it may need to be retired. Of course, when you partner with an IT company, they can help you track these things too.

4. Refresh your system: In addition to your web browser, you should also look into refreshing any software that needs an update. Updated software can improve performance, ensure compatibility, patch up any security issues and offer you the latest features.

5. Use a password manager: We all know the drill when it comes to passwords and usernames. Keeping track of them all is a headache and could leave your business vulnerable to an attack. Utilizing a password manager can help keep track of everything in one centralized location and give you peace of mind.

Do You Have What It Takes to Take on a Digital Transformation?

As human beings, we often rely on drawers, boxes, shelves and cupboards to bring order to our chaotic clutter. When it comes to our “digital” lives, you need to implement the same good habits and frequently stay on-top of our tech.

If you need help with your digital clean-up, we are the MSP you’re looking for. We offer services like backup and recovery, cybersecurity and more that can help you take the next step in not only deep cleaning your tech but taking on a digital transformation. Don’t hesitate—give us a call today.


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