With the pivotal shift in remote work options looking to become a lasting effect of 2020, employers are experiencing both the perks and pitfalls of this new teamwork and collaboration trend. According to LinkedIn’s 10 Insights from Talent Leaders, “recent research shows that the number of permanent remote workers is expected to double in 2021”. However, flexible work locations add a new layer of intricacy into cultivating a positive work environment, maintaining structure and efficiency on a day-to-day basis. That leaves us with the question on the table – how do we as employers improve team collaboration, mitigate burnout, and keep our staff on track? Read on and we will share our top tips for empowering your remote workforce to put you back in the driver’s seat of your well-oiled machine.

Tip #1: Set Clear Boundaries and Expectations for Collaboration

A critical component to any work from home employment is the establishment of clear-cut expectations for communication and visibility. Setting the stage for proper modes of communication, remote work boundaries and channels of information storage are vital to maintain a healthy pulse on the company and ensure you don’t lose visibility.

Remote collaboration tools are designed with this specific function in mind and are a great way to keep track of projects, silo project-related tasks, and provide user-friendly options for even the least tech-savvy team members.

Task tracking platforms for both high-level and granular project updates:

Make sure to communicate what information is best shared on instant messaging platforms, such as Slack or Microsoft Teams, and what should be logged in your project management software. This will help keep your visibility clear, your communication effective and work from bottlenecking.

Tip #2: Minimize Burnout for Maximized Results

According to Harvard Business Review, the lack of face-to-face communication and workplace environmental changes have led to increased cases of burnout in companies that did not alter their workplace practices as part of their shift to remote work. We now can see how we took for granted body language in conversation, tones of voice, and equitable workplace positivity through a single gesture.

Nowadays, employers must work consciously towards the creation of digital work culture if they want to yield quality results and healthy employees. Utilize options like Bonusly for cross-team engagement that facilitates visible recognition and positivity.

Great VoIP tools to regain the sense of interpersonal communication:

These can also be used to host team meetups after a long workday, group collaboration and brainstorming sessions, and standard one-on-ones where tone and delivery of information are key. The last thing you need in your business is a slew of miscommunication to add fuel to fires.

Tip #3: Keep Your Head Up in the Cloud

With work from home collaboration stretching across cities, states, or even countries – it’s imperative that you have all of your data stored in one centralized location. Now that we’re all working digitally, cloud-based technology is your best option for backing up your precious data.

Why telework employers can’t rely on an individual’s technology:

  • Being spread across geographic regions can leave employees susceptible to varied weather events and power outages that could lead to data loss in a snap.
  • Employees can fall victim to cybercrimes and ransomware ploys more easily when communication is not streamlined with specific boundaries outlined.

The cloud provides a failsafe solution for storing data over time. The cloud also reduces your physical footprint and allows for easy recovery should the worst-case scenario occur. The ability to retrieve data and reimplement if one should lose it could be a lifesaver for your business and your consumers!

Provide Your Remote Team with What they Need to Succeed

Technology is constantly evolving and maintaining the tools you need to succeed can take a lot of time. That’s where partnerships with IT experts can step in and reduce your headache. We’re here to empower you to empower your team for success. To get your remote workforce started on the right foot today, (CTA) download the Ultimate Guide to Empowering Your Remote Workforce and navigate the digital path for continual growth with remote collaboration.