When you think about how often you straighten your desk and tidy your office, it’s similar to how technology types like us think about digital cleaning. That’s where we discover what technology needs updating, enhancing, or eliminating.

We all know that updated technology improves productivity, efficiencies, and profit. Updated and new technology improves your workflow because employees work better with more modern equipment. Yet, 70% of digital transformation projects fall short, according to Forbes.

There are many things you can do to get your technology up to par, starting with a digital deep clean. Besides checking for unused apps and learning where security can be bolstered, an all-encompassing digital cleaning evaluates your equipment to make sure it’s working properly. It points out what updates are needed.

Eventually, businesses that engage in regular digital cleanups discover that their technology is outdated. That can be fixed. But updating technology isn’t a particularly popular idea on the front end with your employees. Despite eventually becoming more productive with modern technology, employees like the status quo and are sometimes frustrated and annoyed at changes to technology.

At Graffen Business Systems, we can help you navigate around the common pitfalls businesses encounter when they discover they need to make technology updates.

Here are 4 things to avoid when updating your business technology:

1. Layering new onto old
When you implement new technology, it’s tempting to hold onto old processes without first examining the compatibility with existing devices and applications. Instead of trying to use new technology to compensate for broken processes, integrating new technology that complements your systems better enables a seamless transition in which your technology is working in concert with your processes.

2. Forcing it
People have a hard time with change. They prefer things to stay the same. When they’re faced with a new technology, they might resist it. It’s crucial that they understand its benefits. The key to get them to embrace it is to align your team with the transformation and how it’s a necessary step for growth. Remind them that implementing modern technology will help boost their productivity and grow the business, a win-win.

3. Miscommunicating
When the migration to new technology is imminent, your goals should already be in place and communicated to the team. This way, when it’s time to measure the improvements against what was needed, the updated technology is properly credited as the right solution. Once your employees see the positive effect of the new technology, they should give you their full cooperation.

4. Setting unrealistic expectations
When your digital cleaning efforts require an update in your technology, it’s tempting to believe it’ll solve all of your problems immediately. It takes a reality check on what the benefits are. Leadership should provide a realistic message about what the cleanup will accomplish and the importance of having patience.

Migrate with an MSP
Graffen Business Systems understands the task at hand when you choose to take on the technology updates that result from a digital clean up. We outline the expectations to make sure they align with reality — and your goals. And we make sure the technology you want to hang on to is compatible with your upgrades.

Once your technology improvements are implemented, your team will enjoy that their devices run smoothly and quickly. They’ll find more energy to complete their projects and grow more productive. In a nutshell, we make the results of your digital cleaning something your team can celebrate, not dread.

Graffen Business Systems in Philadelphia can provide you with the digital cleaning your business deserves. Put your trust in our digital deep cleaning solutions, and we’ll help your business improve its technology in a way that aligns with your goals now — and in the future.

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