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Realize the Benefits of Outsourcing Your IT Services

If you are a small company with no dedicated IT department or you have an IT department that you wish would function more efficiently, then outsourcing your IT support needs to Graffen is the solution to better protect and serve your customers. Graffen Business Systems offers a wide range of Philadelphia IT consulting and support services to companies in Philadelphia and the surrounding areas. We specialize in working with companies of 15 users or more, and will provide the individualized type of IT support to keep your infrastructure running smoothly.

Decrease Expenses with Expert IT Resources

By outsourcing support for when problems arise with your IT infrastructure or your cloud data storage, you will save money on both recurring personnel costs and intermittent support and training costs. With less dedicated employees for IT support, you will spend less on insurance, retirement and other human resource costs. We have the infrastructure and trained professionals already in place to give you the support you need in a cost-efficient manner.

Data Security

Free Your Valuable IT Department Talent

You may already have an excellent IT department for your business. However, it can often be difficult to separate them from constant security and support tasks. Every time an employee has a technical issue or other glitch, your IT team has to stop and work on the current and pressing issues. When you are ready to move forward with new technical ideas and services to help grow your business, wouldn’t it be wonderful to have an IT department wholly dedicated to moving your business ahead with innovative strategies? We will take care of these distracting but necessary IT tasks and allow your employees to focus on more impactful IT tactics for your business.

Increase Compliance and Decrease Risk

Unless you have managed to avoid contact with any type of news over the last several years, you are aware of the many data security breaches that seem to be an almost every day occurrence. The United States Department of Defense has suffered major compromises of both personnel and sensitive defense information. If a major component of our nation’s defense is not immune to data security issues, then it is apparent that this is a problem for any company that holds sensitive data on a server or any type of cloud repository.

There is no way to guarantee zero risk for data breaches, but oftentimes these types of issues are avoidable with the proper security protocols in place. We undergo continuous training in order to stay up-to-date with all security patches and vulnerabilities as they are published, and we have the understanding and the experience to implement the exact type of security plan your business requires.

More Time, Money and Peace of Mind with Personalized IT Support

These are just some of the many reasons it makes sense to partner with a Philadelphia IT consulting firm for all your IT support needs. Freedom from the stress of worrying about data breaches, expanded uses for your in-house IT team and major cost savings are all benefits that working with us will provide your company. Graffen Business Systems provides excellent customer support throughout our relationship with you, and you can count on us to not only constantly monitor and modify our procedures but to also keep you informed at all times about your current state of security. Peace of mind is a valuable commodity and one that we provide all our customers. Contact us today to discuss your business and specific IT consulting needs.

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