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The Force is with You – Benefits of a Tailored VoIP Solution

Times have changed. How we interact with our customers isn’t limited to email and telephone calls anymore. Today, we communicate through multiple digital channels that range from voice calls to tweets. Keeping track of all those different threads can become overwhelming for public-facing departments like sales and customer service. Customer relationship management is hampered by the need to cobble together conversations on social media, phone conversations, and email. That’s where a business VoIP service provider can help.

The combination of Graffen’s 360 VoIP and Unified Communications is the solution to this problem. Both small businesses and large enterprises can bring together all the communication channels their customers prefer with the power of digital technology.

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What Can a Business VoIP Service Provider Offer?

If you’ve been struggling to adapt to the new media reality of the 21st century, you’re not alone. Traditional business software simply isn’t equipped to deliver the integrated communications that your sales and support teams need. They chain your employees to their desks and force them to switch between multiple applications to handle phone calls, email, and social media. If this sounds familiar, then a business VoIP service provider like Graffen may be the answer.

Business VoIP Service Provider

Truly Mobile Workforce

VoIP handles phone calls over the internet, which means you aren’t limited to receiving calls at a single location. Your phone number follows you to anywhere you have an internet connection. You can place or receive calls with a smartphone, home phone, or software on your computer.

Business VoIP Service Provider

Powerful and Productive Functionality

When digital VoIP calling is integrated with Unified Communications, the synergy is a surprise to many of our customers. The flexibility and automation that it makes possible will save your employees the time they spend manually tracking communications and customer interactions.

Business VoIP Service Provider

Save Your Cash

VoIP costs less than analog phone service. You’ll say goodbye to long-distance and international tolls that traditional phone companies charge. When you make calls over the internet, the entire planet is a local call. For a much lower cost, you’ll discover the power of Unified Communications.

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Business VoIP Service Provider

What Exactly is Voice Over IP?

VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. What that means is that when you make a call with a VoIP phone or application, the audio of your voice is sent over the internet as digital data. Special servers handle the routing of calls between phone numbers, and they manage the interface between VoIP calls and traditional landline or cellular numbers. A business VoIP service provider is your gateway to making internet calls to recipients anywhere.

A VoIP phone number isn’t hardwired to a single handset on your desk, either. Instead, it functions more like an email address. You can receive calls using an app on your smartphone, have them routed to your home phone, and make calls from your desk phone.

Top Notch Business VoIP Service Providers

The Force may seem mysterious, but once it’s with you, it’ll change the way you do business. If you haven’t researched all the ways Graffen’s 360 VoIP and Unified Communications solution can save you time and money, we’ve created a list of highlights to consider.


Improved Client Communications:

Some customers prefer social media; others want to chat with customer service online. Unified Communications puts a multi-channel interface at your fingertips.


Extensive Productivity Features:

With all your communications integrated and digitized, it’s possible to build automation into your systems.


Reliable in a Pinch:

The redundant systems of our managed cloud service improve the reliability of your communications technology. When a system goes down, another picks up the slack.


Minimal Upfront Fees and Expected Monthly Costs:

VoIP calling eliminates unpredictable long-distance charges that change from month to month. You get better service for a predictably low subscription fee.


Workforce Mobility:

Tired of trying to call Bob only to discover he’s on the other side of the country on a business trip again? With VoIP, Bob will get your call at his number whether he’s at his desk or the airport.


Improved Sharing and Collaboration:

When you make the switch to Unified Communications, you can review all of your customer interactions in a single application. Team meetings can become video conferences, too.


Simple, Cheap IP Faxing:

Faxing doesn’t require special equipment with VoIP. You just need a scanner and a VoIP app to send a fax over the internet.


Superior Uptime:

One of the best things about the internet is that it’s almost impossible to take down. As long as your internet service is available, your VoIP phones will work.


Simplified Conference Call and Screen Sharing:

VoIP makes video conferencing a natural way to conduct business. There’ll be no more calling into a conference number and then syncing the audio with a screen-sharing app.


Easy to Install, Configure and Maintain:

With analog phone service, you’re at the mercy of the local phone company’s maintenance schedule. With 360 VoIP services, adding a new number to your office is easy.



Your phone capacity is only limited to the network bandwidth you can devote to it. You can add or subtract phone numbers at any time without the need for a technician’s visit.


Save Cash:

Some say this benefit is the best one. Slash your monthly phone expenses and forget about the cost of adding copper phone lines to your building.

Local and Custom VoIP Integration to Fit Your Needs

As a local Philadelphia business VoIP service provider, we go the extra mile to serve our community with customized installation and communication plans. We’re always available for consultations and support, and we’ll tailor our technology to your business’s unique needs. Graffen’s 360 VoIP solutions include the following:

  • Detailed requirements gathering
  • Assess and help adjust local network for VoIP
  • Strategize bandwidth options for optimal functionality
  • Create custom VoIP installation plan
  • Layout detailed call routing and ring groups
  • Create custom recordings
  • Carefully prepare and help customize end users’ phones
  • Fully integrate office with new 360 VoIP system
  • Train end users on all Unified Communication and VoIP features
  • Train administrative staff to be self-sufficient for regular changes
  • Support customers’ IT vendor / department in troubleshooting call quality and network related issues
  • Ongoing end user and administrative training
  • All our work is performed locally by a Graffen family member
  • Services tailored to your business with No Bull

Cool Unified Communications and VoIP Features

It’s hard to list all the cool features that come with our VoIP 360 and Unified Communications plan. Below is a list of the highlights that will transform how your employees collaborate and serve your customers.


Advanced call conferencing, screen sharing & calendar integration:

Harness the connectivity of the internet to supercharge collaboration with remote teams.


Integration with leading CRM packages:

VoIP voice data and Unified Communications integrate seamlessly with other business applications. You can dial customers directly from your CRM.


Easy to install, configure and support:

Getting set up with VoIP is much faster and more flexible than traditional phone service.


Find me / follow me – worldwide:

VoIP numbers follow your employees wherever they happen to go. Whether they’re at home, their office desk, or at a convention, they can be reached at the same number.


Automatic Call Distribution (ACD):

Unified Communications can handle your switchboard for you by routing calls to the right employee.


True business continuity / uptime:

VoIP is much more difficult to interrupt than traditional phone service because it uses the internet to place calls, not a proprietary copper network.


Instant message, desktop texting and presence:

Unified Communications integrates modern communication channels like social media, messaging apps, and SMS texting.


Auto attendant:

Our Unified Communications platform also includes an automated attendant to route incoming calls.


Coaching tools:

Learning all the features available is made easy with online tutorials and learning resources.


Voicemails to email & text:

Digital VoIP calls can be converted to text and delivered to email addresses, cellular phones, or social media accounts.


Call conferencing:

Conference calls are supported by VoIP, and it integrates with video conferencing and screen sharing apps.


3-way calling:

You can quickly create a 3-way call with VoIP service by merging two calls.


Call blocking capabilities:

Blocking calls is simpler with VoIP service because most calling apps include number blocking features.


Call detail reporting:

Track how your phone system is used with call detail reports that include phone number, time, date, and duration of calls.

Would your business benefit from some of the perks listed above?

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Why Choose Graffen as Your Business VoIP Service Provider?

Graffen’s 360 VoIP service is tailored to the needs of each Philadelphia business. We can provide customized installations and service plans that include only the features you need, and we’ll collaborate with your staff to create a solution that best serves your business model. With the experience we have working with small businesses and large corporations, we’ll help your business realize the full potential that Unified Communications offers. Contact us today to set up a consultation with one of our account managers to learn more about how Graffen can serve as your company’s business VoIP service provider.

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