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Our company began in 1963 because Bill Graffen had a dream to equip every business with the latest technology. That dream lives on, but we’ve come a long way from the days of typewriters and electric razors. Today, Graffen Business Systems deploys cutting-edge IT support services ranging from cloud applications to VoIP phone systems for companies in the Greater Philadelphia area. If you have a project involving technology, Graffen has the talent to make it happen.

The essence of our mission is to deliver a reliable technology platform that your business can use as a launching pad for future growth. We’ve crafted our 360 Managed IT Services program so your employees can have better conversations around business strategy and planning. We deliver greater efficiencies for our customers with a full range of professional IT support services. We like to call it predictable results.

IT Support Services Team

Team & Culture

At Graffen, the secret sauce of our IT support services is experience mixed with superior communication. We have a team of professionals who live and breathe technology. We stay on top of the latest trends and solutions so our customers don’t have to. Technology was created to make things easier and less time-consuming, not the other way around. We’ve seen all the ways IT support services can help and hinder businesses of all sizes, so we balance the pros and cons of every project.

Effective communication is key to a successful outcome. We take that philosophy to heart when it comes to providing the best IT support services possible for our customers. We follow up to ensure we know exactly what’s needed and the best way to accomplish it. Whenever we run into something we don’t know, we…imagine this…ask questions, and we keep asking questions until we’ve got the right answers. That could mean asking our vendors about a glitch, or it could mean asking our customers exactly what they need a new app to do. Either way, we keep communicating until the issue is resolved.

The Ingredients of Our It Support Services

What are the key ingredients to a successful suite of IT support services? That question is answered a little differently for each our clients, but we’ve put together a strong baseline to begin the conversation. Our 360 Managed IT Services include:

Successful IT Support
  • Fixed monthly pricing plans with no overages, no limits, and no bull
  • Unlimited support for both onsite and remote services
  • Dual data backup plan to both onsite and offsite locations
  • Monitoring of network and application performance
  • A network security package
  • Quarterly assessment of client technology needs
  • Quarterly review of client technology and security budgets
  • Long-term IT strategy planning

Our comprehensive package of IT support services was designed based on our experience working in the Philadelphia business community over many decades. We’ve partnered with both small businesses that lack any dedicated IT staff and larger companies that need to free up internal resources by outsourcing certain IT support services.

The good news is that we have a track record of predictable results that flow naturally from our customer-centered business philosophy. We’ve created an internal process that ensures that every project is completed on time and works as expected. Those results include:

  • Consistent network uptime
  • Project implementations that work
  • Insight into future technology possibilities
  • Measurable technology impacts on business results
  • Fast response times from our Support Desk
  • Meaningful partnerships with our clients
  • Consistent team communication

These results go beyond the numbers that fill quality reports, efficiency gains, and returns on investment. Our IT support services focus on long-term plans that bear fruit down the road and not just a good chart for the next quarterly report. We’re always thinking about how the latest trends in technology will impact our clients, and how we can help them navigate those trends to greater success in their business. We cut through the bull to deliver predictable results.

IT Support Communication

IT Support Services That You Expect

Graffen’s 360 Managed IT Services program is delivered with a coherent strategy. We’ve designed our internal processes so that the key factors of effective IT support services are always at the forefront. We take those processes and execute them with diligence to ensure our efforts stay centered on your needs as our customer. That’s just how we roll.

Other providers of IT support services fall short because they lack this overall strategy. They make good plans, fail to execute them, and then their customers come to us. Some of the key processes that we’ve put into practice include:

  • Technology reviews focused on operational efficiency gains
  • Regular meetings about our customer’s network environments
  • Rigorous change management procedures
  • Client reviews and strategy sessions that add value
  • Detailed project implementation guidelines
  • Responsive communication about Support Desk tickets

We’ve found that these internal processes allow us to consistently execute our IT support services, which brings predictable results to our clients. The first thing we focus on is ensuring that your uptime is maximized, so you can focus on doing business instead of troubleshooting glitches. That in turn gives us the space we need to concentrate on how to make your business systems better. Trust us; it works.

Our IT Support Services

Get the details about each of the IT support services we offer. If you think your business could benefit from any of the following, don’t hesitate to contact us today.

Cyber Security Support Services

Cyber Security

Are you tired of worrying about the latest cyber security threat? So are we. That’s why we put together a team of talented cyber security professionals. We can give your company’s security plan an overhaul, help you put the most effective security measures in place, and take care of any problems you may already have encountered. With Graffen taking care of your security, you can get back to running your business with one less distraction to worry about thanks to our comprehensive IT support services.

How do we do it? Cybercriminals keep evolving their tactics, so we stay on top of the latest techniques developed by the cyber security industry to stop them. We’ll lock down your network, craft a super-effective employee training program, and keep an eye on the Dark Web for any signs of your data being auctioned to the highest bidder. We’ll even make sure your doors are locked. We’re that good.

Cyber Security Support Services
Disaster Recovery Support Services

Disaster Recovery

Disaster Recovery Support Services

Disasters happen. Some are small mishaps like spilling coffee on the laptop that had your latest product design on it. Some are major catastrophes like a four-alarm fire or an earthquake. If the disaster recovery plan for your IT systems amounts to dusting off last week’s backups, then we can help. We include our Fortress recovery plan with our suite of IT support services. It’s our home brew onsite and offsite redundancy solution.

With Fortress, you’ll have any file you need or an image of your entire IT system at your fingertips. You’ll have backups onsite in case something happens to the cloud servers, and the cloud servers will cover you should something happens to your local backups. The best part is the backups are automatic, and we’ll make sure they happen on schedule.

Cloud Support Services

Cloud Solutions

The cool kids of the business world have moved their IT systems to the cloud, or they’re in the process of making the switch. There are good reasons for that. It saves you money you’d spend on expensive software licenses and workstation upgrades. Plus, who wouldn’t want to work somewhere other than the office? With cloud apps, you can access them anywhere you have internet, whether it’s with a computer or a smartphone.

We offer our 360 Cloud Workspace solution for customers who want to move their software and servers to the cloud. We have a fully redundant infrastructure program that’ll take the pain out of managing business servers, and we can help you move your enterprise applications to the cloud. You’ll enjoy being able to work from anywhere as though you were at your desk. Did we mention that it’ll save you money, too?

Cloud Support Services

IT Support Services

Ready to outsource your IT support services? You might be a small company that can’t afford to hire a team of IT professionals, or you might have an IT team that’s overloaded. Either way, we can help by taking on the burden of routine IT support. We’ve been working with companies with 15 employees or more for years, so we’ve seen it all.

We can handle the daily glitches, compliance tasks, and security issues at a fraction of the cost of a dedicated team. If you already have a team of IT professionals, they’ll get more done if they can hand the daily interruptions off to our IT support services staff. They’ll be able to focus on that next gen business idea that they never have time to work on.

Office 365

Do you still email Word documents back and forth when writing a collaborative document? Those days are over. Microsoft entered the modern era of cloud apps when they released Office 365. Suddenly, collaboration wasn’t that difficult anymore. It can still take some training and support to get the most productivity out of Office 365, and that’s where Graffen can help. Cloud apps make it possible to work better by integrating desktops, laptops, and mobile devices and accessing files from any internet connection.

We can help you manage the behind-the-scenes details of integrating Office 365 into your business. We’ll handle the security details, data backups, and software updates. Plus, we’ve got Office gurus who can help your employees learn all the secrets and productivity tips the cool kids know. Ask us about our training services.

Professional Services

Businesses today require technology solutions that separate them from the pack. It connects them to their customers, their partners, and drives innovation with collaboration tools. When they hire an IT support services firm like Graffen, they expect the same level of professional service as a Fortune 100 company. That’s exactly what we provide to every customer.

There’s nothing more satisfying than helping a company leverage the latest technology to reach the next level. Whether we’re helping you deploy a new ERP, update your aging security plan, or eliminate onsite servers with a cloud service, we show up ready to execute your project according to our own high standards.

Technology Strategy

Today’s business technology landscape is complex. It’s critical that you make sound decisions when it comes to setting your long-term technology strategies and choosing business applications. The good news is that you don’t have to do it on your own. Your company may be a start-up creating a killer strategy to break out in your market. Or you may be an established business that needs to shed legacy technology systems that are holding you back. Either way, Graffen has the solutions you need.

Whether you’re updating your security and disaster recovery plans, preparing to pull off a digital transformation, or figuring out the best cloud strategy for your business, we can help. We’ve got experience helping other companies pull off similar projects. We can guide you through the technology maze.

VoIP Telephones

Copper wire is dead; long live the internet. If you’re ready to cut your ties with your expensive and technology-deaf analog phone service, Graffen can help you make the switch to a VoIP telephone service. Our 360 VoIP Service Plan will save you more money than you might imagine, especially if your employees make long distance calls every day. Once you’re over that pleasant surprise, you can consider all the ways digital voice can integrate into your business systems.

With 360 VoIP, you can integrate phone and video conferencing, place calls directly from your favorite CRM app, and always reach that globe-trotting employee who could be anywhere. Other standard features include 3-way calling, call blocking, and caller ID, just like your old phone service. Have you ever gotten a voice mail by email or text? Yeah, VoIP can do that, too.

Let our IT experts show you exactly what you’re missing. Give us a call to discuss the needs of your business today.

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