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For the last 50+ years, we’ve worked with firms of all sizes – global firms to regional firms to small firms to sole practitioners. Technology and requirements have changed as time rolled on, so we’ve adapted and evolved to keep up with industry best practices.

Our proven experience and success over the years have allowed us to partner with industry manufacturers and software companies that typical vendors don’t have access to. Some of those partners include BigHand, Philips and Olympus.

Never. Second. Guess. You can always pick up some dictation equipment and software on line; however, our strategy is to create solutions and efficiencies that are proven to work in the legal world. Simply put, our stuff works.

Voice Productivity Options:

  • Hosted / cloud options for dictation capture and speech recognition Premise based client, client server and hybrid dictation solutions with phone, PC, digital portable recorder and mobile device applications for voice capture
  • Client and server side Speech recognition software and hardware technologies including mobile applications for iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows phone operating systems
  • Document workflow and creation
  • Task workflow creation, delegation, management, tracking and reporting metrics Easily create and delegate instructions to support staff through your smart phone or tablet from virtually anywhere Streamline the document creation, formatting, identification and removal of unwanted metadata process

Benefits of a sound Voice Productivity Solution:

  • Time and efficiency improvement for document creation, delegation of verbal instructions and its subsequent management
  • Easily create, share, delegate, prioritize and track the status of your voice files in or out of the office
  • Dictate from anywhere at any time so you can produce documentation or delegate instructions to your support staff more efficiently
  • Get more done in less time and maximize your intellectual capital through a complete solution
  • Use resources to manage workloads and spend more time on billable revenue producing work
  • Streamline document creation workflow processes through automated tracking, management, assigning, editing, approval and reporting
  • Invest in your business with technology that is continually being improved to allow your attorneys, paralegals and support staff to handle daily tasks more efficiently
  • Gain an edge on your competition and increase your client exposure potential

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