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Dictation for Healthcare

Healthcare Providers of All Kind: Doctor’s Offices, Outpatient Centers, Clinics and Healthcare Systems.

Over the years, Graffen has been asked to work with practices of all sizes and types when it comes to dictation and voice productivity solutions. Technology and requirements have changed as time rolled on, so we’ve adapted and evolved to keep up with industry best practices. Our experience and proven success over the years have allowed us to partner with industry manufacturers and software companies that typical vendors don’t have access to.

Some of those partners include BayScribe, Fluency Direct, RecordsOne, Philips and Olympus. As with most things you’re looking for, you can always pick up a basic solution on line. The problem is that you’ll find cookie cutter solutions, that may not really work, with little customer support. If you’re looking for a customized solution that is successful in the everchanging world of healthcare – give us a ring, drop us a note, send up a smoke signal. We’ll help you out.

Voice Productivity Options:

  • Hosted / cloud options for dictation capture, speech recognition, document/records management, electronic signature, automated electronic file distribution and automated batch printing
  • Premise based client and client-server dictation solutions with voice capture options, including phone, PC, digital portable recorder and mobile applications
  • Speech recognition software and hardware technologies with local and hosted physician user profiles
  • Integration with patient system records
    (EMR, EHR and practice management)
  • Document workflow and creation

Benefits of a sound Voice Productivity Solution:

  • Easily share, prioritize and track your voice files and patient records
  • Dictate from anywhere, allowing you to see patients in various offices and hospitals
  • Streamline processes by creating, tracking, assigning, editing and approving via a customizable workflow
  • See more patients and concentrate on complex patient care duties
  • Improved cash flow and reimbursement
  • Complete patient progress notes faster
  • Dictate precise diagnosis and treatment plans in your chosen words, rather than generic text
  • Capture additional clinical data more rapidly to ensure accurate and comprehensive documentation
  • Ensure high quality patient care

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