6 of the Best VoIP Features

Voice over Internet Protocol, or VoIP, allows users to make phone calls using an internet connection rather than POTs (Plain Old Telephone) lines. Most VoIP systems come with tremendous benefits, such as the simplicity of equipment and maintenance, scalability and flexibility, true business continuity during outages and (of course) a savings. In addition, the features and increased functionality of a VoIP system allows for a variety of benefits, including enhanced customer communication capabilities and streamlined employee collaboration. The experts at Graffen have created a list of some of the best VoIP features below.

VoIP Features

VoIP Features

1. Find Me Via Call Routing

Set up a personal assistant to find you at up to five locations. This feature is configured per extension and offers multiple options to route calls once they have reached the given extension. Users can choose a series of numbers and devices to which incoming calls will be directed to and in which order. For example, the initial call could first ring at the desk phone, then directed to a cell phone, before finally reaching voicemail if the cell phone does not answer either.

2. Voicemail to Email

After a voicemail is received, the system will send an email to any valid email account. The message will include the date and time of the call, the duration, Caller ID (if provided), the mailbox number and an attached WAV file that can be played on your PC or mobile device. You can also set up auto-delete for voicemail messages after a configurable time, or as soon they are emailed.

3. Do Not Disturb

A device or softphone feature that simulates a phone being off-the-hook and sends incoming calls directly into voicemail. Other routing options are also available. This works well with users that are with or in front of clients often that do not wish to be frequently interrupted during that time.

4. Auto Attendant/Live Person Answering

Set up a telephone number that dials directly to an Auto Attendant. Callers are then presented with predefined options via the Auto Attendant feature. On the contrary, a telephone number can be set to ring a specific extension or a Ring Group – sequentially or simultaneously – to use a live person to answer the call instead of an Auto Attendant.

5. Conference Bridge Services

Multiple on-site and outside callers can simultaneously participate in password-protected conference calls. Callers can be assigned “talk/listen” or “listen only” status. Conference bridge also includes video conferencing and screen sharing. This is a great feature for webinars or training sessions, sales calls or client calls, national or international business and virtual businesses.

6. Business Continuity

One of the best features of a VoIP phone system is the ability to offer flexibility when an outage or disaster occurs.  Simply and quickly re-route incoming phone calls to a cell or home phone.  Service organizations can recreate offsite ring groups to handle incoming calls when the office isn’t accessible. This will help you keep your business running.

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