How to Choose a Managed Service Provider in Philadelphia – Part Three

You don’t know what you don’t know:  Clients should choose a Managed IT Provider to protect them.

I’ve recently been detailing some of our experiences around meeting with potential IT services clients.  We’ve found that some Managed Services companies are newer to the business, which sometimes means they haven’t quite implemented standards and processes that ensure their customers’ network environments are stable.  This often creates vulnerabilities that may lead to some sort of technology issues.

On the other hand, we’ve met with a handful of potential IT Support clients that don’t feel that they need a Managed Service Provider.  They don’t believe that they need preventative support and the processes that drive network security and industry compliance.

One particular law firm that we met with several years ago chose to hire a reactive based IT consulting company in Philadelphia.  Last year that same firm was infected with a cryptolocker virus that encrypted all their data, including the backup.  Their business was crippled and unable to operate in most areas of their business.  After engaging the FBI and various security vendors, they paid a large ransom and finally got back to work several months later.

During a recent conversation with our contact at the firm, we found that the Managing partner didn’t believe that their 80-user law firm needed a Managed IT provider.  Instead, they chose to go with an IT consultant that helped with Help Desk services only.  No one was looking out for the firm from a security perspective, including network monitoring, patch management, password protection, etc.  The firm simply didn’t know what they didn’t know, and they learned a hard lesson.

Like most businesses, we’re sales focused and look to add new customers; however, sometimes you can tell that a prospect simply isn’t a fit because they don’t understand the need for preventative support and network security. Occasionally our sales meetings with clients turn into technology coaching, and often end with a mutual agreement that the relationship may not be a fit.  However, we often hear from these companies once they realize their chosen provider doesn’t have the processes and discipline to keep their network safe.

It takes a long time to create the processes required to drive a successful Managed IT platform. Besides quick IT Help Desk support, we recommend finding a provider with a proven track record in strategy and network security.