Eliminate Downtime with the Right Managed Services Provider

Have you ever thought about how certain scenarios have created downtime within your office network? Whether your Internet causes your e-mail to stop working for a few hours, or a piece of software is acting funny for a day, downtime can halt your business and have an extremely negative impact. Having a strong Managed Services Provider can help eliminate downtime and keep your business up and running.

Managed Service Provider

Downtime Definition: Downtime can be any instance that affects your business in a negative way and prevents your users from operating efficiently. There are ways to fix downtime temporarily; however, in the end your business is not running how it’s supposed to, and your customers may be taking notice.

Moving from a break/fix IT support vendor to a more proactive and preventative approach can help reduce downtime. Great Managed IT Providers have processes around planning and strategizing in order to avoid potential risks and catastrophes, rather than scrambling to fix and repair issues that create downtime.

Some processes that a Managed Service Provider puts in place include:

  • Comparing clients’ network environment against industry standard practices
  • Ensuring hardware and software have valid warranties
  • Tracking software and licensing expirations for continued operation
  • Helping clients to strategize a successful hardware upgrade routine
  • Continued discussions around technology and how it can help achieve business goals
  • Analyze Help Desk tickets to understand user trends and network performance
  • Proper patch management and updates

Great Managed IT Providers have great processes that they diligently follow. In the end, downtime and client productivity are closely dependent on whether or not the provider can execute their strategy. Contact the experts at Graffen for more information.