Speech to Text Software: As Easy As Having a Conversation With Your Computer

Documentation for patient encounters is as easy and convenient as having a conversation with your computer.

As EHR (electronic health record) and EMR (electronic medical record) systems are becoming a prevalent communication conduit between healthcare providers and documentation of their patient encounters, speech recognition technologies are rapidly growing into the preferred documentation tool. For example, Dragon Medical Practice Edition 4 from Nuance and Fluency Direct Practice Edition from 3M – M*Modal are favored due their “ease of use” and time-saving convenience.

Speech to text allows physicians, surgeons, physician assistants and nurse practitioners to capture clinical notes and diagnoses while they are fresh and at the forefront of a provider’s stream of thought. Therefore, it creates a more accurate, fast, and natural method (like having a conversation with your computer) of capturing critical patient information and details.

There are also several recording input instruments that enhance both the dictation/documentation process for Dragon and Fluency Direct’s speech recognition accuracy. Some of the most common and popular providers of these recording tools are Philips with their SpeechMike, SpeechMike Air, SpeechMike Premium USB multi-functional microphones and SpeechOne wireless dictation/speech recognition headset. Olympus also has two multi-functional USB microphones referred to as the RecMic II series. The RM-4010P happens to be included with the Fluency Direct PE bundle however there also is the RM-4010S for users that prefer a thumb slide switch operation. Nuance has their own PowerMic III with a 3 foot and 9 foot USB cord depending on a providers preference.

All the above microphones deliver the best possible audio in quiet or noisy environments to enhance the speech recognition accuracy outcome. However, in a pinch, Fluency Direct also offers the M*Modal Mobile Microphone application for iOS and Android smart phones and tablets which can be a godsend for a provider if they forget their microphone or have a problem with it.

Finding a managed network service provider makes purchasing the physical devices and the software extremely easy. Though, having a managed network service provider, such as Graffen, that not only sells the devices but offers support for them is cost effective and a valuable resource.

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