The Importance of Security Awareness Training

Technology improves and grows year after year. More often than not, technology is used to our advantage. However, we must be aware of the threats that technology may be bringing to the workplace. Criminals and hackers hiding behind their computers make attempts to attack a company’s environment every day. However, many threats occur from a lack of network security, limited employee training and a simple lack of knowledge by the business leadership. There are many statistics available about small business cyber security threats that prove just how important security awareness training is.

Security Awareness Training

Importance of Security Training Awareness

  • Human error is to blame for over half of small business security breaches
  • 43% of cyber-attacks are targeted at small businesses
  • 424% increase in new small business cyber breaches in 2018
  • 47% of owners say they don’t understand how to protect their businesses from cyber attacks
  • 75% of small businesses say they don’t have the personnel to protect their organizations
  • Most small businesses think they’re too small to be attacked
  • Network breaches caused by employee passwords being compromised cost $383,365 on average

Threats typically come from a variety of sources, including infected e-mail attachments, dangerous links, BYOD access, hacking due to poor passwords and a simple lack of awareness and understanding. A reliable and intelligent IT services vendor will offer a variety of tools and programs to help guard against cyber-attacks; however, there is no silver bullet to defend organizations from outside threats.

Managed Service Providers will offer a blend of network monitoring, updated security tools and employee training to guard against cyber threats. These include simulated phishing attacks tied to training for certain employees, updated firewalls, dark web scanning, external vulnerability scans, implementation of strong password policies, user behavior monitoring and real time network scanning and alerting.

Trust the Experts at Graffen

As you can see, Managed Services companies are required to continue learning about threats, while partnering with vendors that offer cutting edge technologies. Your Service Providers should be positioned as a partner to help make security a priority by helping employees to be aware of their surroundings and vulnerabilities. The dedicated team at Graffen Business Systems can provide security awareness training to your employees to help safeguard your business. Contact us today for more information.