How Dictation Can Improve the Legal Industry

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Today’s dictation solutions can help improve the efficiency of a variety of industries – including the legal industry. With the advancement of voice capture and speech recognition software, law firms are able to improve their overall effectiveness and at Graffen, we have what it takes to make that happen.

Here, we share some of the benefits of dictation in the legal industry:

Fast Transcriptions

Many of today’s young lawyers grew up with computers, which means they were able to type out their transcriptions. However, today’s implementation of dictation can save even more time when it comes to creating letters, memos, and other documents. By spending less time transcribing your work, you can focus on other important elements and improve your productivity. In addition, you won’t have to worry as much about MFP security, as your transcriptions will be safe in the cloud.


The wonderful thing about dictation cloud servers is the ability to store all of your transcriptions in one place. This means you can get rid of your folders, filing cabinet, or storage trays and instead, have easy access to digital copies that will always be available and ready to share.

Options to Fit

Each law firm operates differently, which is why there are a variety of dictation solutions available for every type of business. Lawyers who travel frequently may prefer a dictation recorder app while those who are often in their office may want a microphone. Others may be looking for a solution that spans between both their smartphone and desktop. No matter the preference, our IT support company can help you choose a dictation option to fit.


For some law firms, dictation may be a significant investment – especially if the concept is one that’s fairly new. However, the return-on-investment for this type of software has proven to be very high and those who utilize it have seen positive increases in their lawyers’ efficiency and productivity. Contact us today to learn more about how this solution can benefit your company.