Choosing the Right Dictation Solution for Your Business

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Make Things Easier with One of Our Programs

Thinking about taking the plunge and entering the wonderfully keyboard-free world of speech-to-text? Relax, Graffen’s got you covered. We have a wide range of dictation solutions available for businesses large and small.

We’ve compiled a list of each solution as well as a brief glimpse into their respective features and workflows. See which one is for you:


We’ll start with the healthcare world. Below is a list of dictation solutions best suited for all things medical and how they measure up:

· Nuance Dragon Medical Practice Edition: Dragon has been a trusted name in the game for years. They’ve continued to make steady improvements with each new version they’ve released. Nuance Dragon Medical Practice, Edition 2 is 20% more accurate than its predecessor and over 60% more accurate than Dragon Professional 12 when used in clinical settings. It covers nearly 90 specialties (and subspecialties) and allows you to navigate any Windows-based EHR using voice commands.

· M*Modal Fluency Direct: Fluency Direct uses a single, cloud-based user profile that is accessible from anywhere and is continuously informed by different workflows and applications. It is designed to work with any EHR or clinical system for enterprise-wide deployment, with command libraries that integrate with hundreds of EHR systems. For your convenience, it is ready to use with little to no enrollment and IT support.


Next, we’ll tackle the best of the best dictation solutions in the legal realm:

· Philips Speechexec: Philips offers dictation and transcription versions of Speechexec Pro to link authors and transcriptionists and build individual workflows. With the latest and greatest implementation of Philips Speechexec Pro X, authors can dictate either using a mic attached to the computer or a portable recorder that docks to a charging station and transfers audio files. Transcriptionists can listen and transcribe with a headset and foot pedal. The software can transfer dictations using email, ftp, or local networks. Speechexec Pro X offers a speech recognition license option that allows the option for speech-to-text recordings. Philips now also offers SpeechLive cloud dictation workflow solution, which gives users constant file access via browser for greater flexibility and mobility. For workgroup implementations, Philips offers Speechexec Enterprise.

· Olympus Dictation Management System: ODMS allows authors and transcriptionists to share and manage dictations and dictation documents effectively. Authors can download dictation files to a computer from an Olympus recorder and transfer them to transcriptionists using email, local networks, or FTP. The dictation and transcription modules for clients are available in both Workgroup and Standalone modes.

· Dragon Legal: Dragon Legal 15 is built with specialized legal vocabulary to deliver optimal recognition accuracy when you dictate legal terms. You can also add custom words and create custom commands or templates to boost efficiency. Dragon is fully compatible with MS Office Suites and supported web browsers (Chrome and IE 11).

· Bighand: We currently offer two BigHand solutions: Pro and Enterprise. Bighand Pro is cloud-based and includes the corresponding mobile app in the licensing. User licensing is controlled in the cloud, so a typist can also install the program at home if they have a spare foot pedal. BigHand Enterprise is our most comprehensive dictation platform that includes many features such as full workflow management including escalation, speech recognition, and task management. For more information, contact a sales rep today:


Go mobile with these tailored dictation solutions:

· Philips makes a mobile app that can be integrated with its Speechexec Pro workflow software called Philips Dictation Hub. You can dictate on your smartphone on-the-go and send to your transcriptionist from any remote location over a wifi or data connection.

· Bighand is known for its handy mobile app which has the ability to record lengthier dictations and modify more details of a recording before sending to an assistant or workflow.

· Olympus has a mobile app that can be integrated with the ODMS software and your company’s email system so that you can send dictations straight to your transcriptionist(s) on-the-go.

Get in touch with a sales rep for more details or a personalized price quote on a dictation solution today!