Kyocera’s Tiered Color Printing Technology

color printing

When it comes to color printing, there are some questions we hear often:

Why are my employees printing documents in color that don’t need to be printed in color?

Why am I being charged for color when the document I printed only has one hyperlink or line it?

How do I lower my color printing costs?

Why are my color charges out of control?

Why Color Printing Can be Expensive

Most copier vendors charge their customers on a per-page basis for their supply and maintenance program. Typically, you’re charged a price for each black and white page that is printed or copied. Then you’re charged a higher price for each color page. The problem is that the charge is the same for pages that are fully covered in color toner and pages that have very little color toner. This can be very expensive for organizations that print pages with a little color, like e-mails with a blue hyperlink or letterhead with a small color logo.

Tiered Color

Kyocera’s tiered color technology allows you to pay less for documents with minimal color toner. Simply put, the copier or printer can detect how much toner is used on each print or copy. If minimal toner is used, the customer is invoiced a minimal color charge. Kyocera devices recognize color prints in three tiers, or usage bands. The bottom line is that customers can save big when tiered color is in use.

Kyocera CopyStar is the only manufacturer with a successful system like this in place; color printing costs can be reduced by up to 30, 40 or 50%.

Some questions that often come up include:

Q: Is there an additional cost to the tiered system?

A: No.

Q: Do you pay more for pages with a lot of toner?

A: No, the goal is to help businesses that print with less toner.

Q: Is there a catch?

A: Nope. It’s that simple!

View the video below about Kyocera’s Tiered Color Technology:

And for more information, view the Kyocera flyer.