Are Managed Print Services Right for My Business?

managed print services

A Closer Look at MPS

Are Managed Print Services (MPS) right for my business? We often get this question from our customers because it can be a significant change in a company’s culture. We also find that some customers’ impressions of MPS are negative because of their experience with other vendors’ inability to provide a solid program. A quality Managed Print Services program can do wonders for a business. Of course, the more document printing that an organization does, the more savings and efficiencies that can be realized.

What Is a Managed Print Services Program?

Managed Print Services can be defined in several different ways. However, the essential point is that it’s a program that manages an organization’s business devices to show a savings, create efficiencies in supply inventory, and streamline how documents are printed.

Some additional benefits of Managed Print Services include:

  • Reduced paper waste
  • Security in document printing
  • Reduced print volumes
  • Efficiencies in supply delivery and inventory
  • Quick and easy hardware replacement
  • Right-sizing for your printer fleet

How Do Managed Print Services Work?

There are plenty of Philadelphia area Managed Print Services providers, however, not all of them understand the fundamentals of MPS. Below are steps that should be taken by your provider for a solid program:

  1. Conduct a thorough assessment of your current printing setup. This includes mapping out and documenting your printer, copier, fax, and scanner inventory.
  2. Analyze your company’s supply purchasing history.
  3. Discuss and learn your employees’ printing needs and habits.
  4. Understand how much and what your organization prints.
  5. Propose a solution that will either reduce your overall printing costs or reduce your company’s involvement.
  6. Install the solution and fully explain how you request service and supplies.
  7. Meet often to review results and continue optimizing efforts.

Most vendors have the best the intentions, but many don’t follow through on their promises. We suggest you find a vendor and hold them accountable for driving the solution. When a well-planned program is implemented, it should yield great results for companies that have several printers or more.