The Importance of Company Bonding

On March 25th, Graffen had our first quarterly company meeting of the new year. A few topics that we discuss at these meetings are company wide goals, successes, and employees successes. However, one thing that makes these meetings more than a company discussion is that we make it a fun outing. In the past we have done happy hours, axe throwing and this first quarter we went bowling!

Company bonding, and team building are necessary to help employees thrive and feel comfortable working with their coworkers on a day to day basis. Here are a few key points why having these events helps Graffen, and other organizations boost morale and increase success.

  1. Builds Better Communication –The number of employees plays a big part in this, but it is key for all companies. Graffen, although a small company, has many departments and employees that have different personal work schedules. This makes it difficult to get to know everyone outside of your own department. These company outings allow individuals to learn more about each other and bond in a way that we can’t do daily.
  2. Inspires a Friendly Environment – Having a comfortable and friendly environment is important for employees so they feel safe at work. It also can make or break whether an employee performs positively or negatively. Doing a fun activity as a team breaks barriers between supervisor/employee and employee/employee. This can then transfer to the workplace so asking for help or introducing a new idea at the next meeting is easier.
  3. Shows the Company Cares – Taking the time to go out as a group and have some fun shows that the company cares about how employees perform daily. It also shows that they care about us after work ends. Even something as simple as bowling can give employees something to look forward to or increase their confidence for the week.
  4. Boosts Performance – Team-building between employees creates a better performance as a whole. We can understand each other’s strengths and weaknesses and learn how to support those better in the future. Bonding encourages goal-setting, problem solving and stress management. Having a goal as simple as wanting to score a strike can translate to pushing yourself a little harder the next day while in the workplace.

Graffen tries to promote the above ideas through as many company events as we can. On June 7th Graffen employees, their family and friends are headed over to Citizens Bank Park for a Phillies game! This way not only are Graffen employees having a fun night out, but they get to involve the important people in their lives. After all, Graffen is a family owned company!

Having group outings ultimately creates a stronger work environment as well as increase productivity. When the company plans these types of group bonding events it shows employees that the company wants to help them have continued happiness and success within the organization.