Graffen Offers Philadelphia IT Consultant Services

Philadelphia IT Consultant
At Graffen Business Systems, we make it our priority to provide a robust and inclusive suite of IT consulting services for a variety of businesses. If you have at least 15 users, you can greatly benefit from our 360° managed IT services, Philadelphia IT consultant services, and our professional customer service.

Bringing You 360° Coverage

Here at Graffen Business Systems, we are happy to offer 360° Managed IT Service and Cloud Workspace programs. Companies can enjoy a wide variety of valuable and sought-after Philadelphia IT consultant services.

For example, each and every one of our customers has access to on-site or off-site data backup services that can protect valuable business assets and provide extra security. Our clients also receive quarterly business reviews as well as antivirus protection services and network security monitoring. Plus, all of our customers can enjoy 24/7 local or remote IT support.

The cloud provides many opportunities for businesses all over the world, and here at Graffen Business Systems we provide our proprietary 360° Cloud Workspace for clients. This service gives our clients the power and utility that comes along with cloud infrastructure technology. For example, the remote desktop feature allows individuals to work from virtually anywhere on the planet. What’s more, our Cloud Workspace programs are scalable and applicable to both small and large endeavors.

IT Consulting

It is critical for successful businesses to have strong IT departments, but building an in-house IT department can be expensive and time consuming. Thankfully, at Graffen Business Systems we provide full service IT consulting services for any size enterprise. Our Philadelphia IT consultants can also act in supporting roles for current IT departments or perform services on an as-needed basis.

Professional IT Services

At Graffen Business Systems, we provide a suite of valuable and on-demand professional IT services. Highlights include:

  • Fixed monthly prices
  • Team environment
  • Onsite and remote support
  • Network monitoring
  • Quarterly business reviews
  • AntiVirus
  • Onsite and offsite backup

Plus, we offer voice over internet protocol (VOIP) phone services, as well as hardware and software upgrades.

In addition, our disaster recovery services make use of proprietary Fortress backup systems to protect customer data. We also perform data mining for the business community, as well as automatic backup services for businesses in the greater Philadelphia area.

There is no doubt there is much that goes into building a successful and robust IT department. Thankfully, here at Graffen Business Systems we can provide turnkey Philadelphia IT consultant solutions virtually overnight. Businesses that have at least 15 site users and wish to harness the power that professional IT services can provide should contact us at a Graffen Business Systems today for a free, no-obligation consultation.