Testing out Microsoft’s New MileIQ Application

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What MileIQ Can Do for You

Microsoft announced that they are offering the mileage-logging application MileIQ with Office 365 Business Premium after a past acquisition a couple years back. The free version can downloaded by the public which allows 40 recorded drives that can be classified as business versus personal. Being an Office 365 Business Premium subscriber, MileIQ Premium allows for unlimited drives for all employees which is a $60 annual subscription per user otherwise.

MileIQ will be an added value to any employee that travels by:

  • Promoting accurate mileage logging
  • Individual weekly/monthly summaries
  • Recovering time spent on manually recoding logs
  • IRS compliant reports for accounting

Full tracking by the owning company is currently not an option since all travel recorded. End users can set email summaries to be sent to additional recipients like your accounting team. Microsoft’s recent efforts in 2017 show that they are committed to helping both small and large businesses with additional tools that empower productivity.

I have tested out the application and MileIQ does record every drive taken. Being able to set your work schedule into the application allows it to categorize night and weekend travel as personal. This way you only have to confirm drives that are business related from a smaller subset of recorded information. I would consider this application as hyper diligent as small in town stops are recorded and frequent locations can be determined as always business related. I would recommend business owners to inform their employees of this tool as it will give them time back at the end of every expense report period.

MileIQ and Office 365 BP: