Five Questions Companies Ask About Switching to VoIP, and if They Aren’t They Should

VoIP – is it the right move for my business? Read Graffen’s latest blog for answers to some of the most asked questions.

There is a lot of information about “VoIP” (Voice Over Internet Protocol,) but even with data that some companies wary about changing from their now outdated phone system to this new technology. They question whether it is the right direction to go for their business. As managed service providers.   Here are five questions other business owners ask when considering upgrading to VoIP.

What exactly is “Hosted VoIP?”
The difference with hosted VoIP, also referred to as hosted PBX or Cloud VoIP, means that the phone system infrastructure and hardware are managed by a service provider instead of you. It just requires a high-speed internet connection.

Is it easy to add new locations or more employees? How can VoIP support my growing business?
One of the other primary benefits of a Hosted VoIP solution is that it’s easily it can be scaled as your business grows or contracts making it extremely cost-effective.  A managed network service provider, like Graffen, can have new users up and running their first day at the office.

What about cost?  Will it save me money?
Cost is always a question and understandably so.  The short answer is “yes, you will save money.”  Firstly, there is usually no onsite equipment needed so hardware costs are eliminated.  Secondly, your landline bills will be eliminated as well since all calling will take place over the internet.  Instead of investing in physical phones, they can be rented through the provider or they can be eliminated altogether and just use the mobile app.  Additionally, there are harder-to-calculate soft dollar savings attributed to increased productivity, efficiency and collaboration tools.

What about physical phones/handsets?
With Hosted VoIP, an internet connection allows any computer to be turned into a soft-phone.  Furthermore, a mobile app can be installed onto smart phones allowing users to use their personal mobile devices as their desk phone while maintaining a corporate presence.  All of this means that employees are not tied to their desks. Yet if hardwired phones are wanted, an IP phone is needed.

How can VoIP work for users who are on the road or work remotely?
One of the primary benefits of VoIP is its inherent ability to meet the needs of users who are often on the road or work from home.  With the use of a mobile app, users can extend their business extension to their personal mobile device along with the features and functionality of the business phone system.  Additionally, users can simply unplug their IP handset and bring it with them and plug it in at a new location without any re-configuration needed.

These are just a few questions that are asked and a small amount of information that shows how VoIP is a cost effective and positive technological move for the right business. As a managed service company Graffen can answer all questions and concerns regarding VoIP and how making the switch can be beneficial.